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nico muhly: Abidynge

Welcome, Dartington Week One choir! I can't wait to see you all next weekend.

To help us get off to the best possible start with Nico's beautiful little piece, I've created learning tracks for each voice part (plus one with all parts sounding), with kind help from my Stile Antico colleague Becky on soprano. You can follow the score on-screen as you listen. It would be wonderful if you could take some time to familiarise yourself with the piece before you arrive at Dartington - it will make a huge difference. Just choose the appropriate video below!

I've also made a recording of how we will pronounce the Middle English text. Nico forces our hand somewhat with his word-setting (and his delicious preparatory note): it's mostly modern English, with just a few picturesque divergences. Please have a listen here! 

Muhly Pronunciation
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learning tracks


With thanks and best wishes,





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